2019: Album by Album (February)

February’s listening involved less ‘new’ albums as I spent a lot of time going back and listening to the albums I liked from January’s blog post. However, I still managed to check out a considerable amount (for me, at least) of albums and songs that I hadn’t heard before, as well as digging into my own collection. Here’s what I listened to (not including repeat listens for the year). Click through to check out the highlight tracks, and if you have an album or song that you think I should check out, leave your suggestion in the comments.


David Bowie, ‘Changesonebowie’ – Great compiliation of hits. Highlight: ‘Golden Years’

Pedro The Lion, ‘Phoenix’ – Awesome comeback record that doesn’t drop the pace. Highlight: ‘The Quietest Friend’.

Bearcubbin’!, ‘Girls With Fun Haircuts’ – Infectiously joyous math rock. Why have I only just discovered this? Highlight: ‘High School Field Trip to Murder Island’.

Sunny Day Real Estate, ‘The Rising Tide’ – Euphoric and beautiful. Highlight: ‘Tearing In My Heart’.

Sunny Day Real Estate, ‘How It Feels To Be Something On’ – Their third album. So good, as expected. Highlight: ‘Every Shining Time You Arrive’.

Perspective, a lovely hand to hold, ‘Autonomy’ – Some cool emo revival moments, but gets too poppy every other 30 seconds. Highlight: ‘Lost Opportunities’.

Totorro, ‘Come to Mexico’ – Infectious math rock. Highlight: ‘Yaaaago’

Jimmy Eat World, ‘Bleed American’ – I love half of these songs, the others might be growers. Highlight: ‘Get It Faster’.

Tubelord, ‘Pop Songs For Rock Kids’ – A collection of old songs and demos from the arty post hardcore wizards. Highlight – ‘Dun Dun Dun, Scissor, Rocks and Tonne’.

Metronomy, ‘Nights Out (10th Anniversary Edition)’ – Their breakthrough album with added remixes and rarities. Highlight: ‘A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)’.

Hop Along, ‘Get Disowned’ – The second album of this new discovery for me this year. They’re rankng well. Highlight: ‘Tibetan Pop Stars’.

Blanco Niño,’EP’ – Upbeat, melodic, and catchy revival-esque emo. Highlight: ‘KANPAI!!!’.

As In We, ‘As It Should Be’ – Fun, epic math rock with impressive song lengths. Highlight: ‘Three For All’.

Lingua Nada, ‘Snuff’ – Crazy experimental noise rock. Buckle up. Highlight: ‘LVL 100’.

David Bowie, ‘Hunky Dory’ – Eclectic fourth album from the master of art pop. Highlight: ‘Andy Warhol’.

Morrissey, ‘Your Arsenal’ – A very strong third album from the godfather of mope. Highlight: ‘Tomorrow’.

The Appleseed Cast, ‘Mare Vitalis’ – Their second album is themed on the sea, and it’s beautiful. Highlights (they go hand in hand): ‘Fishing The Sky’ and ‘Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets’.

The Natural 20s, ‘Everyone Will Fall’ – Dramatic, climactic emo, swinging between tough and tender. Highlight: ‘Cobainication’.

Pandora’s Box, ‘Original Sin’ – Epic 80s pop concept album. Highlight: ‘My Little Red Book’.

Settlefish, ‘The Quiet Choir’ – A more mellow accompaniment to the idiosyncratic indie-emo of their second album ‘Plural of the Choir’. Highlight: ‘The Second Week of Summer’.

Neil Young, ‘Chrome Dreams II’ – Swinging back and forth between the mellow country vibes of Harvest-era Young and the crunchy rock jams of Crazy Horse. Highlight: ‘Beautiful Bluebird’.

Built To Spill, ‘You In Reverse’ – Off-kilter indie rock. Loved this. Highlight: ‘Goin’ Against Your Mind’.

Individual songs I hadn’t heard before

Hot Rod Circuit, ‘Safely’ – Strong and steady indie/emo rock.

The Rocking Horse Winner, ‘Orange Blossom’ – Poppy indie rock. Not for me.

Hometown losers, ‘Divine’ – Radio-friendly post hardcore fare.

Cabana Wear, ‘Bother You’ – Indie rock. More on the rock side.

Into It. Over It., ‘Summerville, SC’ – Post hardcore with pop punk vibes.

Funeral Diner, ‘Borne Upon My Shield’ – Screamo. It had its moments.

Unwed Sailor, ‘Heavy Age’ – A new track packed with post rock glory.

Calm., ‘Trinkets & Tokens’ – Sweet twinkly emo with some nice jazzy bits for good measure.

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, ‘Lilith’ – A soothing space rock jam.

Hacked Nudes, ‘Maybe Milwaukee Misses You’ – Gruff punk rock in the vein of Latterman, Hot Water Music, et al.

Singapore Strategy, ‘Build Me An Unsinkable Ship And We’ll Sail The World’ – Very rocking instrumental math rock. I like this a lot.

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), ‘What Had Taken Years To Put Together Was Destroyed In One Moment’ – More of this excellent emo rival band.

A Bunny’s Caravan, ‘Resolving The Static’ – Indie with a post rock edge.

The Berries, ‘Salvation’ – Pretty tame indie track.

La Dispute, ‘Rose Quartz/Fulton Street I’ – Dramatic, new post hardcore track/s from La Dispute.

Foals, ‘On the Luna’ – Another new Foals tune. This one’s pretty catchy.

Prawn, ‘Greyhound (Live)’ – Really good emo revival with a twist of post rock.

Jimmy Eat World, ‘Get Right (Acoustic)’ – I’m not sure what the electric version is like, but this is pretty nice.

Jeremy Enigk, ‘Empty Row’ – Apparently his old, fellow Sunny Day Real Estate bandmate wrote the lyrics to this, about how he feels about Jeremy (unaware at the time of recording it).

Dr. Dog – ‘Heart It Races (Architecture in Helsinki’ cover)’ – Nice indie-folk-pop cover of the original nice, but more manic, experimental indie-pop song.

Weezer, ‘Zombie Bastards’ – Fun, poppy Weezer track from the upcoming Black album. I don’t dislike it but not completely okay with it either.

Weezer, ‘High As A Kite’ – This is awesome. Some Barclay James Harvest vibes here. Why can’t the rest of the Black album sound like this?

Strange Ranger, ‘House Show’ – Nice, steady indie rock song.

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