2019: Album by Album (April)

April’s listening covered every decade from the 70s, and included stuff I’ve loved for a long time, stuff that I hadn’t checked out in full before now by bands that I love, and stuff that I’d never come across before (thanks for those recommendations!), and it had been a very strong month in terms what I liked – near enough all of it.

If you know of an album, EP, or song that you think I might like, please leave your suggestion in the comments and I will check it out when I can, and follow my blog to stay updated. Here’s what I listened to in April (not including what I’ve already listened to this year – check out January, February, and March’s blog posts for more). Click through to check out my highlights.

    Albums and EPs

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, ‘Whenever, If Ever’ – Probably the biggest sound to come out of the emo revival scene. A powerful album and my favourite of theirs. Highlight: ‘Heartbeat in the Brain’.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, ‘Harmlessness’ – Bigger in it’s scope, but well worth sitting with. Highlight: ‘Rage Against the Dying of the Light’.

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, ‘Always Foreign’ – This one gives me a more sunshine-y vibe than the others. Not my favourite of their albums, but great none the less. Highlight: ‘Hilltopper’.

Patti Smith Group, ‘Wave’ – Full of hooks, and still retaining her unique punk poet approach to songwriting. Highlight: ‘Frederick’

John Vanderslice, ‘Romanian Names’ – Beautiful, chilled, experimental indie. Highlight: ‘Too Much Time’

Narco Debut, ‘Garden Dreams’ – Polished post hardcore with vocals not dissimilar to Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria. Highlight: ‘Governor Switch’.

Theophilus London, ‘Timez Are Weird These Days’ – Slick hip hop with indie sensibilities. I’d heard half of these songs years ago. Regret sleeping on the full album for so long. Highlight: ‘Why Even Try (feat. Sara Quin)’.

Turbolens, ‘Tro, Håb & Kærlighed’ – Ex Mew guitarist teams up with a bunch of kids to make dreamy indie/avant garde pop (if there is such a thing). Highlight: ‘Rastløse Bevægelser’.

The Human League, ‘Dare!’ – Syncopated synth pop from 1981. Highlight: ‘Seconds’.

Shut Your Eyes And You’ll Burst Into Flames, ‘Drop the Decade’ – Two dance punk songs that sound like the amalgamation of Les Savy Fav, Test Icicles, and The Blood Brothers. Highlight: ‘Drop the Decade’.

Jets To Brazil, ‘Orange Rhyming Dictionary’ – Grainy, gritty indie/emo. Highlight: ‘Starry Configurations’.

ELO, ‘Greatest Hits’ – Each song is an irresistible slice of pop rock. Highlight: ‘Sweet Talkin’ Woman’.

Battles, ‘Mirrored’ – My daughter has a penchant for the album ‘Painting With’ by Animal Collective. She asked me to put something on that was just as, if not more, ‘crazy’. I picked Battles. Emmy’s highlight: ‘Atlas’. My highlight: ‘Race: In’.

Strange Ranger, ‘Daymoon’ – Indie rock with slacker sensibilities. Highlight: ‘House Show’, but I had that in February’s blog post, so here’s ‘Everything All at Once’.

Owls, ‘Owls’ – Wonky math rock from 4/5 of Cap’n Jazz. Highlight: ‘Everyone Is My Friend’.

Cursive, ‘Happy Hollow’ – Loud, anthemic, and taking no prisoners. Highlight: ‘Big Bang’.

Henryk Górecki, ‘Symphony No. 3’ Performed by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra – A melancholic piece that tells the story of a mother and son separated by the war. Highlight (I can’t really separate the movements of this one, so here’s the whole thing): ‘Symphony No. 3’.

Pixies, ‘Indie Cindy’ – Packed with hooks from start to finish. I really enjoyed this and it’s hard to pick a favourite track. Highlight: ‘What Goes Boom’.

Pixies, ‘Head Carrier’ – I listened a few times, and apart from the odd song, it fell flat and failed to take off for me. I’m hoping it’s a grower. Highlight: ‘Head Carrier’.

PUP, ‘Morbid Stuff’ – Very hook-laden punk rock with an indie tinge. Highlight: ‘Free at Last’.

    Individual songs I hadn’t heard before

Outer Spaces, ‘Teapot #1’ – Singer songwriter indie with hypnotic vocals.

Sissy Bar, ‘Gin & Juice’ – A lo-fi indie-pop of the Snoop Dogg classic. Not really sure what I make of this. It makes me smile though.

Troubled Minds, ‘Birdie’ – Twinkly pop punk with some really nice guitar work.

The Chemical Brothers, ‘Free Me’ – When I found out Diane di Prima’s great, chant-notic ‘Revolutionary Letter #49’ had been sampled here, I had to check it out. I wish they’d sample so much more of it though.

dust from 1000 yrs, ‘order from chaos’ – Experimental, distorted indie-folk track with a bluesy vocal line.

dust from 1000 yrs, ‘bad shit’ – More of the above, but this one goes a little bit harder.

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