Top 5 Songs of November

Fast approaching the end of the year, and I am still discovering great new music eleven months in. The no.1 slot is taken by a band who I have always enjoyed but never really sat down and listened to fully. Their new album is just so good and I am regretting not listening to a full album sooner. The Casket Lottery are here too. Awesome to see them back making music. Fellow Totnes creative (I live in Plymouth these days, but don’t feel Plymouthian), Matthew Board is back with new bandmates and under a new moniker. Top quality as expected.

You can check all of these songs out in my November Spotify playlist. Follow the link above too to find my older posts and my top songs for the rest of the year so far.

Honourable mentions this month must go to ‘Deep Infatuation’ by The Cribs (which only didn’t make the cut because another song from the album did), and ‘Every Star Shivers in the Dark’ by Lael Neale. Not only a great song title, but a great song which could be in the no. 5 spot on any other day.

Top 5 Songs of November 2020:

1. The Cribs – ‘Under the Bus Station Clock’
2. The Casket Lottery – ‘Sisyphus Blues’
3. Pale Blue Eyes – ‘Motionless’
4. Told Slant – ‘Meet You in the City’
5. Jack Name – ‘Karolina’

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