Forty Five Ways of Looking at a Brain Tumour

Forty Five Ways of Looking at a Brain Tumour

First published in Tears in the Fence

Cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma means
intruder of the long night, means
barnacle on the sea-churned rock, means
slab of uncooked chicken, means
secret cavern-dweller rubbing its hands, means
sloth hugging the soggy tree trunk, means
fat man stood under an umbrella, means
lychee on an overcast day, means
sea anemone lapping up an eel, means
ghost hiding out in the bushes, means
fist wrapped up in cellophane, means
naked burglar caught in the pantry, means
lava lamp bubble sucked and wedged, means
ugly pearl that’s not a pearl, means
cloud clogging the motorway, means
marble stuck in the mouse hole, means
bubble blown upwards and inwards, means
ogre with its head between its legs, means
potato shot through the Milky Way, means
cocooned maudlin nerve-threatener, means
polystyrene growing and over-packaging, means
slobbered golf ball tucked in the rough, means
duff piece of popcorn ever expanding, means
invasion of blob and legs like roots, means
goblet filled with a residue that thickens, means
finicky siren spinning at intense proximity, means
raider of the lost bark of the lost tree, means
chewing gum stuck to a lightsaber, means
inflated leech sucking on a maraca, means
iceberg bursting the ship’s bottom, means
lily sunk deep in a tarred pond, means
unbelievable soup-bound clove of garlic, means
shrub clubbing itself on a piece of rhubarb, means
head of a lollipop slurped by a jellyfish, means
hot air balloon flapping against a pine tree, means
egg timer flung through the fire, means
meteor buried in the neck of the Earth, means
oil lamp flaring in a cluttered passage, means
great exploding alarm clock, means
cork about to blow from the melting port bottle, means
back of the spoon nudging the jam jar, means
pinball stuck in a pocket of the machine, means
mould blossoming on a glass plate, means
canon drawing back to pound out a ball, means
carillon swinging against the tower, means
submarine shoving and warping the water, means
cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma.